CPD Direct

At UNSW Edge we understand CPD, we understand the law and we understand you. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get all your requirements, in the most easy, practicable and engaging way, whilst still being relevant to you and your practice.

CPD Direct will do this by delivering virtual personalised learning based on your area of practice, years in practice and type of practice. Further, it will cover all required mandatory CPD units and knowledge areas, and have several different formats over the period, to maximise your engagement.

The subscription runs from July to June, and will deliver content directly to you on the third Wednesday of each month. View our packages here.

Legal CPD program

Conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, UNSW Edge offers face-to-face and live streamed learning engagement opportunities for busy professionals. These programs are designed to enable lawyers to fulfil their professional obligations but also providing an engaging experience with known experts. UNSW Edge offers summer, winter and spring seminar series, masterclasses and exclusive workshops. Further information can be found on our seminars page.

Online legal learning  

UNSW Edge offers live streaming, online content and a number of videocasts and associated papers for you to view anywhere, anytime and on any device. A full listing can be found on our courses page.


Practice Management Course

UNSW Edge offers a distinctive program designed for legal practitioners practising in New South Wales who wish to move to the next stage of their career called PMC Plus. PMC Plus conforms with the Practice Management Course Guidelines for New South Wales published by The Law Society of New South Wales and has been designed for legal practitioners, that have at least two years of supervision. Further information can be found here.


Tailored programs for legal and non-legal professionals  

UNSW Edge also designs and develops tailored legal knowledge and applied skills training both in online and face-to-face formats. The tailored design of practical flexible programs can cater for legal and non-legal professionals in any setting. Our clients include government, law firms, professional services firms and NGO’s.

Our team has extensive experience in the design, development and facilitation of applied legal education programs. We work closely with our clients to understand the desired learning outcomes, ensuring tailored programs are developed that engage audiences.

Please contact the Edge team to start the conversation about educating and training your colleagues via edge@unsw.edu.au or +61 414 385 523.

Micro credentials 

UNSW Law recognises that there is more that is needed in the modern world rather than just knowledge. Professionals and non-professionals need to acquire and have recognised knowledge and skills that employers seek in a rapidly changing workforce.

Micro-credentials are not university qualifications; they are certifications and badges that allow individuals to demonstrate that they have obtained certain skills and applied knowledge through short courses. These credentials are useful to employees, employers and clients in their immediate recognition of an individual’s skills.

There are several micro-credentials currently being offered to in-house clients and will be made public shortly.

Counting seminars, short courses and micro credentials towards the UNSW Master of Laws (LLM)  

Participation in UNSW Edge courses may entitle the participant to apply for advanced standing towards the Master of Laws (LLM).  Participants may be entitled to apply for up to six units of academic credit for 18 hours of approved participation and will be awarded the credit subject to the completion of a substantial piece of legal writing.  

For further information on this pathway please contact Student Services or phone +61 414 385 523.