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UNSW Edge: providing adaptive, relevant legal education for life

In an increasingly complex market, UNSW Edge knows that legal practitioners, executives and consultants need to keep evolving to stay ahead. Being equipped with skills for the future will enable legal and non-legal professionals to continue to provide quality services to their clients and broader community.

UNSW Edge is an evolution of the Faculty’s Centre for Continuing Legal Education (CLE). For over 25 years the Centre provided continuing professional development (CPD) courses to the legal profession. UNSW Edge is delivering a new suite of products to the legal profession, including on demand content, a subscription-based CPD service (CPD Direct), and a reinvigorated legal CPD program, as well as a range of legal know-how professional development for non-lawyers.

UNSW Edge were the first CPD provider in Australia located within a law faculty and are still uniquely positioned to bring together expert practitioners, judges and academics to deliver engaging and innovative legal education.


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Contact us if you would like to facilitate one of our programs, for more information about our offering, or discuss our corporate packages.

Tel: (02) 9348 0760
Email: edge@unsw.edu.au